NEITI Catalyst to Right Wrong in Niger Delta


The Nigerian Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative law thatwas recently signed into law has been described as the catalyst that would right the wrongs that have taking place in the Niger Delta and other areas of Nigeria where there are active mining activities

Efe Dike of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi made the prediction in a paper titled’ NEITI, Extractive Sector and the Environment’ presented at a road-show organised for the North- East region of the country in Bauchi.

In the paper, Dike said the crisis in the Niger Delta can be abated by implementing environment-friendly regulations and law such as the NEITI law to protect the economic life of the inhabitants of the area by enforcing environmental best practice standards.

He also said the law could help in restoring the environment by remediation of the land and air and stoping gas flaring and the attendant discharge of radioactive substances into the atmosphere.

This he said also include adequate compensation for loss due to degraded and agriculturally unproductive soils, poluted streams that can no longer yield fresh water fish , the mainstay of the livelihood of the inhabitants, curtailing the acid rains due to gas flaring which degrades the soil and affects the aquatic ...

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