NEITI Explores Digital Communication Platforms For Wider Outreach

The Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) has explored and is still exploring digital opportunities to project, communicate and promote wider outreach of its mandate. One of the digital tools used by NEITI to disseminate information is the traditional tool known as website or web, which is a collection of related network web resources such as web pages, multimedia content that are typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. NEITI audit materials and other relevant information for public use are placed on its website (


As time passes by, the challenges of interpreting NEITI’s audit reports became apparent, especially the technical information required by the public to hold government to account on the extractive resource governance. In dealing with the challenges, NEITI has partnered with experts that can break down technical information in infographic forms and came up with the following platforms:

Data Dashboard

NEITI has created a dashboard that disaggregated and simplified information contained in the NEITI audit reports, ranging from fiscal to volumetric issues.

The Dashboard, which also aimed at increasing transparency through access to information and data in Nigeria’s oil, gas and mining sectors, was in tandem with the global EITI’s Open Data policy. It currently serves as a warehouse for all NEITI Reports. And on the click of a button, information on any aspect of NEITI Reports is available and accessible.

Remediation Tracking Application (Remtrack)

The Remtrack is an online application for monitoring and tracking progress on implementation of remedial issues in the NEITI reports. It is described as another innovation brought into the NEITI dissemination platform. This new technology also serves as a tool for companies, relevant government agencies, civil society, media and general public to follow up on the reforms in the Nigerian oil, gas and mining sectors.

Freedom of Information Portal (FOI-Portal)

The Portal was established to proactively disclose information on NEITI operations to the public and get feedback on its activities. By this initiative, NEITI’s operations and activities are always open to public scrutiny. NEITI has a track record of responding to questions and inquiries from the public within 24 hours. The FOI-portal is available on

Beneficial Ownership Portal (BO)

This is another NEITI digital information disclosure platform created to promote open government and anti-corruption initiatives. The register discloses beneficial owners of companies operating in the extractive sector and help to check illicit financial flows in the sector, tax evasion, money laundering, terrorism financing among others. NEITI achieved this by working closely with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and Mining Cadastral Office (MCO). The beneficial ownership register for the extractive sector is expected to feed into the broader and all-inclusive beneficial ownership register being coordinated by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

NEITI Data Automation & Mainstreaming

NEITI has initiated and is currently working on automating its data collection procedure as well as mainstreaming the EITI reporting process. The goal is to make the NEITI reports timely, and the information contained in the reports accessible and user-friendly in line with NEITI’s open data policy. The Automation Project, when completed, is expected to bring down the cost of the audits, make the process easier, faster, more efficient and reduce human interference.

NEITI Mobile App

To bridge the information/awareness gap in the Nigerian extractive sector NEITI has developed a mobile app (NEITI Mobile App). With the app, information relating to the sector will be placed at the palms of the citizens. That means, with the aid of the app Nigerians can access an up-to-date information on various issues in the extractive sector and have first-hand information on reforms and changes that are taking place in the sector.

E-Learning Portal

NEITI plans to broaden citizens’ knowledge of the extractive sector through the introduction of E-Library on its website known as E-Learning Portal. The portal, when fully installed, will be constantly updated with various topical issues about the extractive sector. It is going to be a compendium of information on wide range of issues on extractive sector: governance, fiscal regimes, types of production arrangement, legal framework, etc.

In addition to all these platforms, NEITI also uses other conventional communication and social media platforms like twitter - @nigeriaeiti; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; instagram- @nigeria eiti; Facebook: - nigeria extractive industries transparency to place information in the public domain. NEITI has established itself as an agency that is technologically driven, and this has strengthened its efficiency and transparency credentials.

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