The World Bank has endorsed NEITI’s 2011 work plan. The endorsement was a major outcome of the visit by the Bank’s project supervision team from Washington DC to the NEITI Secretariat recently. The Team led by Mr. Anwar B. Ravat, the Programme Manager on EITI at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC, promised to provide necessary assistance and support to NEITI to enable it execute and implement the work plan, especially in the area of Communications, Technical Services and NEITI Audit Process.

The Chairman of NEITI, Prof. Assisi Asobie, the Executive Secretary, Mrs Zainab Ahmed, and other members of the NEITI management also held consultations on the Bank’s support to NEITI under the Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MTDF), and efforts toward meeting the EITI conditions on validation. Central to the consultative meeting was NEITI’s request for a financial management system that will make it possible to access the Bank’s support for its various programmes.

In the words of the Programme Manager “... the NEITI process so far is on track and I assure you the World Bank will continue to support the process, which is ongoing. The support is not about the 3 or 4 million dollars funding we have given over the last several years. The important thing is the partnership. So, I am in Nigeria to work with National Stakeholders Working Group and NEITI Secretariat, as part of the process as is the case in the last several years. From what I have seen, NEITI is once again on the right path”.

The World Bank is a key Stakeholder in the EITI process. The Bank manages the MultiDonor Trust Fund provided by EITI supporting countries to advance EITI implementation in member countries, including Nigeria.

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