The NEITI Secretariat has six(6) Departments with about 50 staff and is headed by the Executive Secretary Mr. Waziri Adio. The Departments are Communications, Technical, Finance & Accounts, Administration & Human Resources, the Legal Department/Executive Secretary’s Office and TUGAR. The Departments are headed by;

  • Orji Ogbonnaya Orji  - Director, Communications & Advocacy
  • Donald Tyoachimin    - Director, Finance & Accounts
  • Peter B. Ogbobine     - Director, Legal- ES Office
  • Garba Yakawada       - Director, Technical
  • Lilian Ekeanyanwu     - Director, TUGAR
  •                                   - Policy, Planning & Strategy

  • Fatima Ciroma-Umar  - Head, Administration & Human Resource

The Nominal Roll and Organogram are as follows:

NEITI Nominal Roll

NEITI Organogram