The NSWG consists of 15 members, including the Chairman, and the Executive Secretary, who serves as Secretary to the NSWG. It has the following specific functions:

  • Formulates policies, programmes and strategies for effective implementation of the objectives and functions of NEITI.
  • Approves annual budgets and work-plans of the NEITI Secretariat.
  • Provides policy direction, guidance and ensures periodic review of programme performance of the secretariat.
  • Constitutes such Special Committees as it considers fit to deal with different aspects of its responsibilities.
  • Creates departments and engages services of such staff and consultants, as it may consider necessary for effective administration of NEITI.
  • Ensures engagement of reputable audit firms for the purpose of annual industry NEITI audits.
  • Regulates the functions and responsibilities of NEITI Secretariat.

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